Monday, April 22, 2013

Afoot On Kerrera 2

Before we explore Kerrera we'll pay our respects to Samson, one of its ex-residents. For many years he was a landmark on the island, and I remember many cruises from Oban where he was there to see us safely out to the Sound of Mull, or greet us back to the calm haven of Oban Bay. Then one year, I think it was 2010, he must have been voted off the island, for I found him forlornly chained to Oban's North Pier.

It was a sad sight: Samson surrounded by ice cream munching tourists. But last year when I passed through Oban he was nowhere to be seen. Maybe his hair grew back and he had the strength to break his chains and escape. I hope he's found a good home.

Samson on Kerrera
Samson on Oban's North Pier

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