Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kilnave Cross - Islay

Another Islay cross full of character is this one at Cill Naoimh (Kilnave), seven miles NW of Cill Chomian. Some sources date it to the 5th Century, others to the 8th. You can read an extensive description of this work of art that has survived the centuries, albeit a bit worn and weary, here.

Kilnave Cross
Four miles west of Kilnave, below the hill of Cnoc Uamh nam Fear, lie the ruins of a monastic settlement possibly associated with Kilnave; where the monks had their Diseart, their place of retreat. It is reached by descending a narrow ravine that slices down through the cliffs to a rocky shelf, 100 feet above the sea. We'll head there tomorrow.

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