Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Afoot on Kerrera 4

This is a view of the oriel window in the north wall of Gylen Castle. Its floor could be lifted and hot oil dumped on unwelcome visitors. Inset in the window is a carving of a woman’s head; her long hair spreading down and out in both directions to become a cable moulding that runs along the bottom of the window. One braid of her hair winds around to the carving of a man in a skull-cap, who is pulling on this rope of hair (left side of photo). Her other braid winds around to the carving of what looks to be a man wearing a helmet or, as was reported by a visitor in 1800, a bagpipe player, who is also pulling on the rope of hair. It would be interesting to know the story behind this tug-of-war for the lady’s attention. Which course in life do you think she chose? Life with a musician, or life as a religious?

Oriel Window - Gylen Castle
Close up of the carvings

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