Friday, April 5, 2013

Inchkenneth 2

I had wanted to see Inchkenneth chapel ever since reading Boswell's account of his (and a companion's) stay on the island in 1773. A Celtic hand bell once rested on the altar, but sadly it has gone astray. Behind the chapel is the large walled garden, and hiding behind the trees is Inchkenneth House. Half of the Inchkenneth Cross can be seen at the far left. We'll get a better view of it tomorrow.

Mounted securely to the inner wall of the chapel is an amazing set of eight medieval tombstones. My favourites are the third one from the left with a Maclean Sea-Galley depicted at the top, and the next one over with the Sword-Cross.

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  1. These tombstones are beautiful--this could prompt a n amazing fictional story...magical!