Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Goodbye to Eriskay - 6

Before we say goodbye to Eriskay we'll pay a visit to the island's two cemeteries. This is a photo of the north cemetery. The building behind it (lower left) is the Am Politician bar, named after the ill-fated ship filled with whisky. At top centre is St Michael's Church.

Eriskay Cemetery
Below is Father Allan Macdonald's grave in the south cemetery. There is a good book about Fr Macdonald, Amy Murray’s Father Allan’s Island, written in 1920. The island referred to in the title is Eriskay. Fr Macdonald worked throughout all the Barra Isles until 1905, when he died from influenza at the age of forty-six.

Grave of Fr Allan Macdonald
St Michael's Church
It's time to leave Eriskay. On my last visit I left by walking across the causeway. This sign got my hopes up, but I didn't see any otters.

Here's a last look back to Eriskay from near where the causeway reaches North Uist. 

We will be back.


  1. I love that otter sign. We always enjoy the pig ones on Raasay.

    1. Great pig sign on Raasay - thanks for the link. It looks like the pig is flying...