Thursday, April 11, 2013

Teed off on Iona

This photo is looking north from Dun-I, the highest point of Iona. I have visited it several times to sit atop the trig-pillar and soak in the view. But the last time was unpleasant. I had to listen to a woman having a loud conversation on her mobile phone. I thought about grabbing it and throwing it into the nearby Well of Eternal Youth, but I didn't think St Columba would have approved. After 20 minutes I lost all hope she'd shut up so I left.

Looking north from atop Dun-I
A better memory of fellow visitors to Iona was this pebble cross someone made on the grassland above the Port of the Coracle in 1988.


  1. What a stunning view from the top. We didn't get that far, but at least I can enjoy your photo without anyone's mobile in my ears! Such a beautiful island. It wasn't high on our list, but it captivated us almost instantly.

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